Did you know

Within our regular construction and Building Industry metal fixings range we also develop new products. One recent addition is the Half Sheet EML, boxed in cardboard for easy handling on site, easy to stack and transport! Safer to handle and for not much more money than the full sheet loose product, it is a better safer product all round. Please ask for prices!
We are increasing our range of fencing products too!

We will be carrying stocks of standard fencing metal products such as bolt down, concrete in and post spikes in varying sizes, and including:
Arris Rail Repair Brackets
Fencing Clip 47mm
Fencing Clip 52mm
Decking Clips
And more…

We have machining capabilities for typical building industry metal fixings and brackets, that allows us to manufacture one off’s, or bespoke products all consistent with our high standards and fully compliant with recognised Building Regulations. For example, Restraint Straps, Joist Hangers and Jiffy Hangers, please ask for details.

We currently have a wide range of Angle Brackets, for example: –
2mm x 90mm x 90mm 90deg galvanised
and the latest bracket a 2mm x 50mm x50mm x 35mm 90deg galvanised

These can also be produced in stainless steel and anti-magnetic. Also available in pairs with a stainless steel connecting rod to act as the ideal restraint bracket in a concrete floor.

We also have as a Limited Offer!
500 end of line 100 x 100 mm (dark red) bolt down fence post holders!
We also have a quantity of 200 x 200 wall repair patches! Other sizes available.
Please ask for details.